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With the battle for traffic and customers becoming so competitive, how do you get the edge on your competition?  One increasingly effective way to get ahead of the pack is by owning a domain name rich in the "keyword(s)"  for your specific industry/product/service.  A strategic domain name may automatically increase your traffic and your customers exponentially in a very short period of time.  Why you ask?  The keyword(s) in your name (title) may assist the placement of your site in various search engines.  Also, an easy to remember keyword or phrase may direct a customer right to your site bypassing the competition!


Not all of the good names are taken!


Innomarks, Inc. currently owns hundreds of top level domain names with an emphasis on identities relevant to the mortgage, real estate, and financial industries (click here for more info). Our pool of names includes newly registered as well as previously registered identities, and we are continually purchasing the choicest identities as they expire in order to provide our customers with some of the "richest" names in the industry! 


Because of our experience, we also have access to many private sources of already registered domains that we may acquire on behalf of our clients.


Will a new domain name... or a keyword rich domain name really help?


At Innomarks, Inc. we've already done the testing!  We put up identical sites, identical contents, and identical promotion- the only difference was the domain name.  The traffic of the site with the name richest in keywords outperformed the generic named site by an extraordinarily significant factor! With the right promotion and the right name, results are likely to skyrocket!



What Types of Names Does Innomarks, Inc. own and Lease to Clients?



Innomarks, Inc. acquires top level domain names (TLD) from registrars and private sources.  We acquire names that are marketable, memorable, and targeted. Our inventory is constantly growing and changing as we sell or lease names and sites to a growing list of clients.


Some of the names we currently handle include:



 Lease or Sale!


and HUNDREDS more!      




e-mail for more info


What  Can Innomarks Offer to Small Offices or to Businesses that Can't Afford a Million Dollar Name?


Domains that have been sold:



real estate marketing, mortgage marketing04/06 Terms not disclosed
* * $3 million
* * $1 million
* * $835,000


 Innomarks, Inc. is in the business of offering our clients Solutions.  While many top level domain (TLD) names may be selling on the open market for amounts beyond what a start up company has budgeted Innomarks, Inc. may lease to our clients TLD's at prices well within their budgets!  It's possible to lease a domain name (or lease to own) that currently generates applications and referrals on a monthly basis, or lease a domain with uncovered potential! Of course, all of our domain names are for sale as well, and purchases may be completed privately and securely, through an independent escrow procedure.







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