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Will one-time submissions help your traffic?


Sure, one time is better than nothing. But one time submissions are only the beginning.  Search engines and indexes are constantly adding and deleting sites; and sites are continually moving up and down in the rankings based on popularity, performance, and other more technical factors.  Although Innomarks provides a single submission service, we highly recommend website Promotion.


Promotion is not one time submission to a couple of search engines.  It's an organized campaign including regular ongoing submissions with a purpose of getting a site at or near the top and staying there!


There are several major search engines, many general and topical indexes and searches, and hundreds of thousands of free sites that when submitted to regularly- equate to a powerful promotion campaign.


Our clients don't have the time to continually submit- or the desire to research the search engines and indexes so they rely on Innomarks to maintain their promotion efforts for them.





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